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The Orchard

The Orchard

The Orchard Gin Co was born in the family orchard nestled in the Nottinghamshire countryside.

Creating such a smooth, high quality liqueurs with rich colours and authentic flavour is no easy feat. It takes patience, the finest ingredients and a lot of taste-testing (someone's got to do it).
All ingredients are grown, distilled, blended and bottled in England.


damson orchard
Oh we do love damsons!
The damson is the plum's little sister. Sweet and super fruity, they lend themselves particularly well to spirit blending. We use the sweet Merryweather damson - a variety born just 8 miles away from the family Orchard in rural Nottinghamshire where our story began.
Picking usually begins around the end of September but we're on high-alert long before then to check we're not going to miss any!
We just have to get to them before Archie the labrador does.

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rhubarb orchard headerElegant, refined and refreshing rhubarb.
Rhubarb has long been a staple of the Great British summer. Our aim was to create a liqueur that had a perfect balance between sweet and sour.
We went easy on the sugar, packed in vast amounts of fresh rhubarb stalks.
Many recipes later, we were delighted to be left with our slightly sharp, authentic fruit flavour. There's not much to beat it on a balmy summer's evening!

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elderflower headerOnly the fluffiest, creamy white flowers will do!
The short elderflower season in May has us out every morning to catch each elderflower head in perfect condition. We pick only the creamiest, freshest flowers them before midday (before the pollen has blown away and petals have been scorched) and hurriedly start the elderflower gin process.
The pressure is on, we aim to get all the flowers trimmed and in their ginny mix within three hours. Our time-honoured method produces an earthy, fragrant and perfumed liqueur punchy enough to hold its own against some cloudy lemonade.

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