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Our Story

Our Story
We have a passion for quality. You can't make the finest liqueur with sub-par ingredients and corner-cutting methods. That's why we do everything the old-fashioned way and, with a little patience, the result is thoroughly worth it.

Those with a keen eye may notice that our liqueurs are slightly stronger than the average. They're designed as a mid strength to allow you to get creative with mixers but they're perfectly smooth so you can also enjoy over ice as tradition dictates. 

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Oh we do love damsons.

The damson is the plum's little sister. Sweet and super fruity, they lend themselves particularly well to spirit blending. They produce a dangerously drinkable, syrupy liqueur, perfect for cocktails or simply on the rocks. Immensely popular in the roaring 20s, we can't understand why damsons fell out of favour, so we're bringing back the underrated British fruit to party again like it's 1929!

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Our damson gin has been up French mountains, by Portuguese poolsides, on top tables, round campfires and Christmas trees. We'd love to know how our gin liqueurs have played a part in your celebrations.


It's cocktail hour!
Never tried our gin liqueurs? Our cocktail page is coming soon where there'll be all sorts of serving suggestions from the simple to the sublime. 

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